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The Center for a Sustainable California investigates and promotes planning practices in California that balance economic development, environmental preservation, and social equity issues. It carries out this objective by:

  1. Researching and reporting on critical planning practices and laws, for the benefit of public, private and not-for-profit leaders. As part of this activity the Center responds to questions about critical state, regional, and local policies and laws affecting the sustainability of communities and regions.

  2. Sponsoring conferences and discussions to coordinate and promote the sharing of ideas between key stakeholders. These include state leaders, as well as leaders with Councils of Governments (COGs), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), local governments, and non-profit organizations. 

Last year the State of California has passed landmark legislation, Senate Bill (SB) 375 aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Implementation of this law depends on creative and integrated regional and local transportation, land use, and housing planning. Regional and local planners and policy makers will need to explore and evaluate a variety of new approaches, and involve diverse stakeholders. An initial main function of the Center involves aggregating and assessing what can be done by the State of California and its regional agencies to effectively implement Senate Bill 375. This has included a speaker series and an in-depth research study.



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